Sex in public places

Why do people like to have sex in public?

This is one of the most common sexual fantasies. Research shows that most adults have thought about it at some point or the other. But it’s a fantasy that is difficult to fulfill.

Public sex is illegal in many – if not all, places. Few want to risk getting caught. For many people, too, fantasies are better than reality. This is especially true if carrying out your fantasy could bring serious legal consequences.

Fantasies are thoughts about something that arouses the curiosity. They populate our daydreams and allow our minds to be entertained. When we fantasize about something, we’re essentially trying to “play a different role” in our mind’s eye.

Is public sex a performance art?

Still, despite its difficulties and risks, public sex is kind of a performance that many people seem to enjoy. Many say the thrill is partly derived from the prospect of getting caught.

Having sex in a public place is a common fantasy.
Having sex in a public place is a common fantasy.

Fear is a powerful, daunting emotion, but confronting it can sometimes be pleasurable. For example, some people are afraid of horses, but enjoy horseback riding nonetheless.

Crowds and excitement.

I remember my college days. I would bunk class with my girlfriend in the afternoon and go to a local park. We would have sex behind the bushes, or inside my car, or on the other side of the car.

Things were quite easy on most days. We’d ‘kiss and cuddle’ and, as they do, one thing would lead to another until sex became mandatory… usually, with no consequences!

But twice, the police received complaints about two people having sex in a car in the area of the park. Thankfully, my car windows were tinted very dark. By the time a crowd of people approached the car, we were done. We got out of there fast.

When private sex becomes public

Once, I had sex with my girlfriend she was talking to her mom on the phone. The sound of her joyful, stifled groaning and the apprehension in her voice excited me even more.

It was even more exciting in a dressing room during a theater performance. I found the rush exhilarating. Knowing that you’re doing something in a place where you shouldn’t be doing it is exhilarating.

Why do people like to have sex in public when they know they they can get caught?

There can be many reasons for this. Here are a few worthy of mentioning:.


One of the main reasons is adventure. Everyone loves adventure but some people are ready to take it to another level. Risking punishment and knowing that people can see what you’re doing allows some a rare kind of rush.

We all love adventure and perhaps public sex is the pinnacle for some of us.
We all love adventure and perhaps public sex is the pinnacle for some of us.

Sexual fetish:

Public sex can be a fetish. Some people derive a heightened pleasure from it. For such people, the fact that public sex might be illegal simply doesn’t matter. The fact that is illegal in many places seems to add to the pleasure of the experience.

In fact, they may not be able to orgasm without the added excitement of public sex. For them, sex in a park, or against club walls, or behind vehicles, or on an open beach becomes a critical factor in their sexual arousal..


Yes, some people have sex in public because the experience allows more explosive orgasms. People who have sex in public have posited various reasons for this. The rapid pace, the thrill, and the rough, hurried groping may actually increase the quality of sexual climax. This is quite different to a fetish.

Sex as Stress Relief:

People moving through adolescence may experience stress and agitation from time to time. This happens quite often during one’s college days. College-aged youths are typically ‘skins full of hormones’ and take a keener interest in sex. Being around the opposite sex may heighten that interest all the more.

Psychological Reasons:

Sexual excitement causes the brain to release a gamut of chemicals. Scientists have associated sexual intercourse with dopamine, in particular.

We were born naked so why are we shocked by public sensuality??
We were born naked so why are we shocked by public sensuality?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter manufactured by the brain. It acts as a chemical messenger between neurons. The brain secretes dopamine when your brain is expecting a reward.

When you come to associate a certain activity with pleasure, the mere anticipation may be enough to raise dopamine levels. The rapid release of dopamine may drive some to people to take risks.

Hints for safer public sex…

Still interested in exploring your fantasy to have sex in a public place? Below are a few tips that may reduce the risk of an arrest.

Has your partner bought in?

Does the idea of sex in public add a special thrill to your fantasy life? Are you determined to try it? If so, you should know it’s often impossible to plan public sex in advance. The more authentic experiences take place on the fly – so to speak. This makes mitigating risk factors a bit difficult.

But what about your partner? Do they feel the same? Are they willing to ‘play the game? Or will they leave you with a ‘cold shower’ experience?

Talk it over with your partner before you do it. First and foremost, you’ll need your partner’s consent ahead of time. Talking can allow you a better idea of what it is about the fantasy that excites you so much.

Does the risk of getting caught excite you? Is it the thrill of having sex somewhere you shouldn’t? Discussing the matter might allow you to find ways to fulfill your fantasy in a way that reduces the risks involved.

Having sex in a house full of family

Do you still live with your parents and family? The risk of getting caught by family might be enough to excite some. The idea may not sound as appealing as having sex in more public places, but it can save you an embarrassing legal situation. You can sneak into a room in your parents’ house with your partner to fulfill your sexual fantasy.

College restrooms

Sex in a college restroom can be even more risky and scary than any other public place. But of course, you can secretly use a cubicle in your dorm to avoid legal troubles.

Sex outside on the patio or some other relatively private place

There are private corners in public places, too. Having sex in some place in your home other than the bedroom might do the trick. You still run the risk of getting seen but you will most certainly avoid jail time or a hefty fine.

Shed the underwear!

Underwear – especially delicate women’s lingerie – can interfere with what you are trying to achieve. Because they can get in the way, they can increase the risk of discovery. It can get even more difficult if you are caught.

The sight of a woman caught with a man in a somewhat compromising situation will raise eyebrows. Having her hurriedly trying to arrange her underwear when it happens makes it even worse. It’s much easier to pull down a skirt than it is to put on and pull up a pair of panties!

Choose the color of your clothes according to the surroundings

People who enjoy sex in public places appear to relish the outdoors. Parks are a favorite. If you’re thinking about having sex in a park, wear something that blends with the environment. This will help to camouflage your activities.

Consider skipping the foreplay

Sex is always better with foreplay. Foreplay allows both partners to warm up. But when it comes to having sex in a public place, it might be better to skip it. The quicker the sex, the less you risk getting caught. Of course, the very anticipation of the act can be foreplay in itself!

Keep the noise down

Vocalizing can both increase the pleasure and be a natural response of a sexual experience. But moans and sighs of a sexual nature will certainly attract attention. Our tip? Keep it down.

Keep your eyes and ears open

Finally, make sure you don’t forget where you are when you are having sex in a public place. It’s quite easy to forget your immediate surroundings when you are in the midst of an intense sexual experience. But keeping your ears and eyes open, and maintaining your presence of mind, can save you from getting into trouble.

The sexy, (potentially) stimulating summary:

For so many of us, having sex in a public place can be exciting, rewarding and a great way to create warming memories for your dotage! But it’s also quite risky. Is the experience worth it? That’s something only you can answer.

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