Sex Ed Videos that Actually Make Sense

Maybe you had a book when you were young. Nowadays, kids have some rather interesting videos. Here’s a look at some of the best sexuality education videos out there right now.

How Love and Sex Affects the Way You Think

Previous research suggests that our problem-solving abilities change depending on our states of mind. Intrigued, researchers from Germany and the Netherlands had wondered how love and sex might affect the way we think. Here’s what they learned.

What Your Ancestors Did on Date Night: Sex Trends Through History

We have basically remained anatomically unchanged for about 100,000 years. If we enjoy sex now, then so did our cave-dwelling ancestors and everyone else since. Here’s a look at a few historical sex trends that might change the way you think about history.

10 Weird Sex Laws from Around the World

Chances are you’ll never do any jail time for breaking any of them. But then it’s always good to know the lay of the legal landscape when one is on foreign soil.

6 Expert Tips for Great Car Sex

While most of us associate it with our teenage years, countless adults around the world will still enjoy an occasional slap and tickle in a parked vehicle. We give you expert advice on how to do it right.