Lingerie Empowers Women – Here’s Why It Should Be Part of Your Wardrobe

Lingerie empowers women

Fact: people make assumptions about women based on what we wear. This makes it infinitely harder not to put pressure on ourselves when it comes to choosing our outfits – from the brands we buy, to the purses we carry, down to the foundation garments – lingerie, that we slip into. But wearing clothes that […]

Why the Whole World Loves a MILF

She’s the older lady next door who is stunningly more attractive than she ought to be. How did older women suddenly become so hot and sexy?

Does Rebound Sex Really Work?

Some say sex is the perfect remedy for a heartache. But does Judd Apatow’s go-to plot twist really work in real life?

Is Ethical Porn Really Ethical?

Is ethical porn really ethical?

The porn industry seeing an influx of women producers, directors, and videographers. Most of them are intent on producing porn for women. Are they making a difference?

Become a Red-Hot Cougar with These 5 Expert Tips

If you’re setting out to become a cougar, you should know that you’ll be running against traditional ideas about how a woman your age should behave. Now, are you ready to date younger men?