Blue moon  – Beautiful lingerie – MSD

Blue moon – Beautiful lingerie – MSD

Steve and Chris had been married for ten years. Or would be on the upcoming weekend. Steve sat reading the morning paper, as was his want, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee his other companion, as Chris hadn’t made her way downstairs yet. They owned and operated their own floral shop. One of the advantages being that Steve was always bringing home beautiful arrays for his wife. Most would think that working day in and day out in a floral shop would lose its allure, but the fact of the matter was, Chris loved flowers, and loved the fact that Steve was always creating new arrangements just for her. Steve smiled. He heard the padding of her bare feet as she descended the stairs from their bedroom heading towards the kitchen. As was usually the case, the aroma of the coffee had finally made its way upstairs where Chris’s super-sensitive [Read More]

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