Hotel | lingerie for beautiful people

Hotel | lingerie for beautiful people

Janice had nearly finished packing her suitcase. She had left one item for last. Turning to her dresser, she quietly pulled the bottom drawer, which contained her jogging suits and sweats. Reaching deep into the bottom of the drawer where she’d hidden it, she retrieved the black satin form-fitting nightgown that she’d bought nearly two weeks ago. As though it might burn her fingers, she all but raced back to her suitcase stuffing the dainty piece of nothingness inside one of her zippered pouches. She was just closing the case when her husband popped his head inside the door of their bedroom. “Miss me?” he asked. “Of course I will!” Janice said stepping into her husband’s arms. “I’m sorry I can’t go with you,” he said softly as he ran his fingers through her long auburn colored hair. “Make sure you tell your sister hello for me.” “I will,” Janice [Read More]

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