Working late isn’t all bad!

Working late isn’t all bad!

Jennifer awoke in unfamiliar surroundings. The fact that her head was a little clouded from what must have been a fairly serious drinking session didn’t help matters. She raised her head and surveyed her surroundings. The sight of lots of little empty spirit bottles, scattered around her on the bed, began to jog her memory. Her flight had gotten in the previous night and she had checked into this hotel, which her company had booked for her. As she had arrived in the early hours, the bar had been closed, and that led to her ruthless attack on the mini-bar. Now aware of her situation, she knew she had to prepare for work, so she crawled from beneath the covers and got into the shower. As the warm, soothing water washed over her body, Jennifer began thinking about her day ahead in Head Office. Her company, CJT Industries, was in [Read More]

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