Lost Time | lingerie for beautiful people

Lost Time | lingerie for beautiful people

Nineteen days! God, how I’d missed him. Especially at night! I’d become so used to his warmth next to me that l found sleeping difficult without him. I’d lain awake for countless hours regretting my decision not to join him. Again and again, I’d relived our closeness — the way he’d kiss my cheek so softly; the way he can wrap his tongue around my nipples as he draws them into his mouth; the way that, regardless of my mood, he could always make me come, willingly or not! Inevitably, I’d end up masturbating two, three or four times until I was so relaxed I couldn’t stop sleep from taking me. Then I’d spend the next few hours dreaming about him… good dreams and bad. The best were full of love and passion, softness and kisses or hardness and lust. And so were the worst of them except that in those, I wasn’t his partner. Then I’d [Read More]

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